Gratia Church Holds Two-day Retreat with Overflowing Grace

July 29 | 2018

LA Gratia Community Church held two-day retreat on July 27-28, 2018 with the attendees from UCSD and UCLA campus bible study group.

They started with ice breaking activities, and prayer meeting on the 27th evening, members prayed for each other for spiritual growth and openness of their heart to God. It was fun and refreshed time that members can know each other.

The following day were with two bible studies, one in the morning focused on John 5 and another in the afternoon from Matthew 13. After that they enjoyed a time of breaking bread and finished with prayer.

Through the retreat, members who were young in faith got to know better about Jesus, his mighty power and ready to open their hearts to receive the seed of this amazing grace from Jesus. We pray that all attendees hold the grace that they have received during the retreat and experience the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their life.