• Introduction: The Calling of Paul & the Purpose of the Epistle
  • The Reality of the Beginning of Sin
  • True Baptism and Identity of Christians
  • Sola Fide, Sola Gratia
  • The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
  • Beyond Tragedy
  • The Power of Jesus’ Blood on My Sins
  • After Justification – Life of Sanctification
  • Battling With Sin
  • Awaiting the Dawn of God’s Kingdom

Blessed Ones: Heavenly Constitution (Matthew 5: 1 – 16)

  • Beginning the Kingdom of Heaven
  • The Paradoxical Truth – The Ruler of Kingdom of God
  • Heart of Unity – The Father and the Son
  • The Heart That Touches God, Eyes That See Him
  • The Suffering of the Righteous Sons


Galatians is another deep well that quenches the believers who underwent a long time serving but grew cold losing grace. It revives the hearts of love and lets us recall the first love God showed in the beginning.

  • Background
  • What is Gospel?
  • Conflict and Resolution: The Circumcision Dispute (Law & Gospel)
  • Heirs According to the Promise
  • Church of Hagar and Church of Sarah
  • Life by Grace and by the Spirit
  • Fulfill the Law of Christ: Carry Each Other’s Burdens.


  • Exodus: The Spiritual Refinery for the People of God
  • The Old Testament Studies
  • The Life of Jesus: The Works of Jesus on Earth
  • The Book of Acts: The Expansion of Christianity
  • The Book of Philemon: The Way of Communication Among Christians and the Life Following the Gospel